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Wait until I give you access to the indicators

Activation to the indicators is a manual process and therefore it requires a little bit of patience to get you in after you subscribed. It generally takes no more than a few hours (I still have to sleep at some point!). Once activated I’ll send you a private message directly into TradingView.


Try for a week, use the support content from Youtube, Discord & the PDF to learn safely and see if it fits you


Decide if you want to stay in or not, you’re free to go at any time and if you do so during the first week then you’ll never be billed.

Concerning the indicators fee.. well.. I decided to do something completely new ! Instead of proposing a rental or a single payment for each indicator like others do… I decided I would rather opt for a simplier solution. The subscription will basically give you access to all my work… past, present and future… and accross all the available platforms.

There will be one and only plan, for everyone, including all for or a highl symbolic 1€ / day subscription. Everyone can enter & exit at any time. Let’s say that for exemple… you’re leaving this summer for vacations and won’t have time to trade ? Well.. pause the subscription via Paypal and resume when you’re back !The goal here is not to ruin you or force you to pay for something you wouldn’t use afterall..

I have 100% satisfied users. Those who aren’t are just free to leave ! To go even further in terms of transparency, everyone will have access to a free week trial.So no one will ever be charged for something they haven’t tested first.It’s a try before you buy kind of agreement and no one will incite you to stay in.At the end of the trial wee you’re the only judge to decide wether you want to stay in or not !


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